March: Open

Prickly Friend


ISO 2500
This was shot in difficult lighting which reflects in the high ISO. I actually love the grain, and feel it gives the image authenticity.

Dried Out


‘A rare taste of rain’

Taken 6th March during the briefest of showers but the kids were so incredibly excited to dance in the rain. My 2 year old was optimistic enough to try and catch some in her mouth to taste it. f4.0, 1/1000, ISO100


Rock Erosion

Taken with my crappy phone.

It says F-stop 1.7

Exp 1/2200

ISO 200

I did use lightroom to straighten the horizon and drop the exposure a bit.


Help !
ISO 200
150-600 @499mm


“Tribute to Gigi”
Canon 70D with 55-250mm lens
f/6.3, 1/320, ISO-800
I feel so blessed to have captured this very spontaneous moment between two special friends at Dubbo Zoo last October.
Gigi (on left) had to be euthanised a few weeks ago as her arthritic pain could no longer be successfully managed. Apparently her friend Burma is grieving terribly. This image is now among my most treasured. I have never attempted this type of edit before but felt it would complement the story, so I gave it a try. Big learning curve!



Blue eyes
1/125th sec; f5; ISO 200


Taken on my phone



Hunter Valley Gardens

f/22, 4 sec, ISO-100, 31mm

10stop ND Filter to allow the slower shutter to make the water milky.



I was out helping hubby feed cattle and looked at him at the end of the day at his dirty hands. In the last light of the day, I see the dirt but I see the hard work that these hands have done over the years to provide for his family.

He’s tired at the end of the day but will do it all again tomorrow. The love of the land is in his blood.

Photo is unedited and straight from camera. I was playing around with settings and unsure about focus so you be the judge

Shot using P setting 1/20 F2.8 ISO 800

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