March: Industrial


Keep the wheels spinning, they maybe rusted but still beautiful.



ISO 200

Not what I was expecting to submit for industry but it’s one of the big two for our region. I was driving past late one evening and thought the lighting and shadows made for interesting compositions at the stockyards. I didn’t have my tripod and meant to go back and re-do this photo with a MUCH lower ISO, but never got the chance. Sometimes the best photo is the one you take at the time, right? In hindsight, I should have forgone the attempt at a flare and opened it wider to reduce the grain.
f22, 1/80, ISO 3200


Bridge Work
Took this driving past the bridge work and saw this amazing sky and this silhouette.


Mar19-42-Welding Class
4/5 Sec
ISO 50
70-200 @123mm


“Industrial relic”
Canon 70D with Canon18-135mm lens
f/11, 1/160, ISO-160
Once a thriving agricultural industry for so many years in Gunnedah, the abattoirs is now a physically decaying eyesore & political football in our community

1/320th sec; f5.6; ISO800


Photo was taken on a cloudy day cruise on the Yarra River in Melbourne
Setting were f/5.6    1/1250 sec   ISO 100  on shutter

Attunga Lime


Plant is f/29, 10sec, ISO-640, 154mm

Stars are from a night in Coona a couple of years ago. They have been flipped to make the brighter side on the top.



I was out and about watching the moody skies Friday night and took this photo in the last light before it started raining.

I had taken this same photo some time earlier but it caught my eye with the lights on and those dark clouds about. 2 minutes later I was standing in the rain.

Photo is unedited and straight from camera

Shot on P setting 1/13 F2.8 ISO 800

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