Open: Feb 2019

River goddess

f/3.2  1/1600  ISO 100



Nikon D5200, F8, ISO 100

A fire across at Tea Gardens made the blue sky pop out with the dirty coloured smoke.



Super Moon
Took this of the super Moon on Tuesday night. It was early and not at the best viewing time. But sleep is important.
Settings: f4 SS 1/2500 and ISO 100. Cropped on Lightroom


f/22 Of course to get the flare!
ISO 100
100 exp



Sibling love

ISO 320


“Gorgeously green”
Ooohhh he was so cute!
Canon 70D with Canon 18-55mm lens
f/8, 1/125, ISO-100


In the Light
1/125th sec; f2; ISO 400


“Beach Walk”

ISO 160, F9, 1/1600, 105mm Nikon

This was taken with the WB on ‘shade’ to bring out the golden lights and keeping the shutter speed up to ‘catch’ the waves.

Taken at Keepit Dam at sunset as the roos were taking flight
Taken on canon 60D  f/9    1/80 sec   ISO  320   on shutter priority



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