Contrast – November ’18

Shot at 1/320, f5.6 and ISO100
Lady with Earring
1/60sec; f2.8; ISO 560. 50mm lens.

“Silent assassin”
Canon 70D with Canon 55-250mm lens
f/5.6, 1/160 sec, ISO-160
Taken at Dubbo Zoo November 2018

Into the Sun
1/800 sec; f9; 200ISO
Junior Member
Light and Dark, Soft and Smooth.
ISO 800  f22  8 sec
I wanted to soften the effect of the curtain as they moved so lengthened the exposure time and chose a small aperture to increase contrast and reduce the light.
Drinks Anyone
This photo was taken a couple of months ago at Peterson Winery in the Hunter Valley
It was taken on my phone and it showed settings at f/2.2    1/165 sec    ISO  50
Dancer Dan
F/1.8 1/1250 ISO 1600

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