October 2018: A Photo Starting With Your Name’s First Letter.


A for archers cathedral church Newcastle



Fluff Dog



Hand Rail.
Shot this photo of my little Flutterbug at Jenolin Caves during our bushwalk. Loved the hand rail but loved it more when she got in my shot….. Fell into that gutter box drain 2 secs after I took the photo.
Settings : Nikon 5300 with 24-70mm lens.  f 8, 1/80 sec ISO 400. Very overcast day.


J for Jill J for Japanese bridge – Hoi An Vietnam!



“M is for munchkin Maggie”
Canon 70D with Canon 70-200mm lens
f/3.2, 1/250, ISO-100, spot metering
Taken 13/10/18
Heard this very young magpie warbling in my tree, then spotted his eye catching the light.
Not yet coloured-up so chest feathers are still more brown than black.
No time for the tripod & trying to hold this heavy lens still, was a real challenge for me.
Heavy crop from a full body shot (but I didn’t like its composition)


M is for music
(This one is the girl with a violin)
1/640th sec; f5; ISO 360


The first letter of my name is “P” and I have chosen P to be the colour purple
Camera is Canon 60D   –  settings were   f/5.6,    Shutter  1/500,   ISO  200 and taken on Manual setting


Junior Entry

R is for red:
1/800 sec; f3.5; ISO 200


S…. Sunset, Seaweed, Surf, Sand, Sky, I’m thinking I was one of the easier ones.


“Wreflection – Wheels with Wheels in Wollombi
1/160  f8
After our Wonderful Ballooning trip, I took a Wander to Wollombi and Watched in Wonderment of the Wreflections of Wheels Within Wheels.
So much shiny Chrome!
Wendy  😉 (wink )
J is for Jetstream

A is for Artist

F/2  1/250  ISO 6400
Junior Entry
J is for Jeep
E = Electricity

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