October 2018: Open


Australia zoo



Warbirds History.
Took this shot at the Temora Warbirds. It shows a number of different planes of different eras flying together, very closely. You can see how close they are in this shot.
Settings Nikon D500 with 70-200 lens f 8 1/1250 sec ISO 100.



Cow View!

Taken on my iphone even thou I own a lovely Nikon but phone with you most of the time.


Central Hanoi Crazy traffic!



Balloons Aloft
f 2.8
ISO 2000
70-200 @ 110
Taken very early one morning as the hot air balloons were being inflated prior to our flight.


“Serenity at dawn”
Canon 70D with Canon 18-135mm lens
f/8, 1/320, ISO-100
Taken 30/9/18 (Hunter Valley)
My first hot air balloon experience.. and with beautiful friends.
What I remember most was the blissful serenity & calm when floating at 5,300 feet.
Of the hundreds of photos I took, this one captured that emotion best for me
My ukulele and I
1/640th sec; f7; ISO 6400
Up, Up & Away
Photo was taken recently when 10 of us took to the skies over the Hunter Valley in a hot air balloon and what awesome experience
Camera  Canon 60D         f/8    1/160 sec    ISO  800
Junior Entry
Hello Baby:
1/1000 sec; f6.3; ISO 500
Dropping In For Breakfast
f5.6, 1/1250, ISO – 160, 78mm
Emelia 32 wks

This is a photo of Emelia. She is a very uncomfortable 32 weeks pregnant. This was taken out at Comet just past Emerald in Qld.

I used my 100mil lens

We got to the location earlier than expected and it will still quiet bright.


ISO 640

Exp 1/800


Due to the subject being a grumpy little s#@t, I had to go with whatever i manged to dial up!!!  The settings were far from ideal, but the location and subject matter were too beautiful to miss out on. So I chose not to take the time messing around with camera settings just get the damn photo! 🙂

Junior Entry

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