July Subject: Sport

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Mountain Off Road Buggy Championship races at Milbrodale
It was a fun action filled weekend
Photo taken on canon 60D  Manual setting   f/5.6   1/1600 sec   ISO 500
I gave the contrast a minor tweak and cropped it.
“When I Was Young”
Socks n Sweat – 1/320, f11, ISO1600

Nikon D5200

I love to try and catch an arrow shooting through the air, it is a very hard photo to get.

A cold morning on the archery field in Mudgee.

F 5.6, ISO 1600, Shutter speed 1/250

This was taken at the Coonamble Rodeo in June where I gained a greater understanding of ISO and how it plays a part in the exposure triangle.  The light fluctuated between being bright and sunny one minute, then very dark and moody from cloud cover the next. The constant change in lighting conditions and unpredictable movement of the animal, made it necessary to constantly monitor ISO settings for the high shutter speed I was using.
f5.6, 1/1600, ISO 800, 140-400 @ 400mm

Before the bubble bursts.

Shot 1/250sec f/5.6 175mm, ISO 800, Nikon D40




Junior Dirt Bike Rider
Canon 7DMK11, Focal Length 135mm, 1/1000, f5.6, ISO 160
Fading Out 
1/160th at f5.6 on iso4000
‘Backyard Cricket’

f/2.0  1/250  ISO 140

This shot was rather unexpected as my sporty son rarely stays still long enough for anything to be in focus! How did someone like me ended up with a sports-mad son?
ISO 400 f/5.6 1/1250
I took this photo at Gunnedah Show this year.
I love how the horse on such an unnatural angle. All the training and trust that goes into this picture.
Settings f 4.5, Speed 1/500, ISO 1100

Flying Scooter

I went out to watch the boys at Boggabri Skate Park.

I used my Macro Lens to capture these shots. I love how crisp this lens is.

Settings are: f/18,Exp1/800sec and ISO 1000

 Canon 5D MkIV

1/2500 F5.0 ISO1250 @ 140mm



“Footy in the Rain”

Nikon D3200 f5.6 1/250 ISO3200 focal  length 300 mm white balance auto: (lens used Nikon 55-3004.5-5.6G)
Photo taken July2016 at Kitchener Park..Gunnedah Bulldogs first grade game where Lachlan King was heading for the try line.
I was testing with lighting this day as skies came over grey very quickly and showered on and off. It was interesting trying to take photos in the rain.

Photo is as taken straight from camera and not adjusted via lightrooom.

Making A Run For It

ISO 320 f5 1/1250  185mm
Lots of challenges here…half the ground in bright sunlight and half in shade meant lots of adjustments to ISO and f stop to keep correct shutter speed. Very fast moving so not much time and I can see it would really help to understand the game so you had an idea what would happen next lol!
Had the pleasure in taking some photos of an old friend as she is part way through her body transformation. Was a very experimental photo shoot as at 4.30am. The light was very low and need to try and get the shots before anyone turned up.  Helen was not wanting her face to be in focus as she didn’t have her makeup or anything done, so I lowered my aperture to focus on the muscles in her back and not her face.
Father and son
1/100, F 5.6, ISO 320, 55mm

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