June Subject : Lighting

This photo was taken on Sydney Harbour during Vivid.
I was using a tripod with setting f/5, ISO 1000 and a 5 second exposure to allow me to capture the movement of the boats on the water, and light beams in the sky through the stormy clouds and to really capture the colour of the light reflections in the water.
Bali Dancer.
After reading all Di’s posts at Bali I starting thinking about what to do and came up with this.
f/4.5, 1.3sec, ISO-100, 30mm


Darling Harbour
ISO 125 20mm f22 46 sec
Nikon 16-85mm d7100
“Ferry trail”
Canon 70D with Canon 18-135mm
Manual Mode: 4/9, 13sec, ISO-100 (f/length 20mm)
My first Vivid visit & I wanted to try & get light trails from an incoming ferry as something a bit different for this Opera House shot. My first attempt was a fail. The trails obliterated the sails display & the stunning scene shown on them was blurred, due to the rapid movement of very bright colours coupled with the longer exposure I was trying. Before our group was ready to move on, luckily I not only fluked another ferry PLUS a more subtle sail scene, I also fluked counting down the timer delay & 13 sec open shutter better & pretty much got the shot I was after… sails more in focus, ferry light trails & reflections on the water.
Would love the chance to try again with a narrower aperture to capture light-stars along the foreshore, but was pretty happy with my first attempts regardless. Love the colours & even the ‘lucky’ composition. I found the going tough with my cheapo tripod on a rocking wharf & some careless patrons
Our Cousins
These are 2 Gorillas at Taronga Zoo as part of the Vivid festival. I love the sharpness of the eyes and the details in the photo.
F 8, 1/50 Shutter Speed, ISO 1250
 Junior Entry “Blackjack”
“Story time”: Shutter 1.0, Manual, F/10, ISO 200

This photo was taken near Uluru, The Field of Light art installation by international artist Bruce Munro with more than 50,000 stems crowned with frosted-glass spheres, it was magical to be there.

 Nikon D5200 F3.5 ISO 3200


f/5, 1/25, ISO 400

Taken at 43mm, f14, ISO 100 and 20sec exposure.
Dream Jar.
Shot at f/2, 1/100th second, ISO of 320.
“Waiting for the Beat”
I took this photo at a recent dance concert.
I decided to try manual setting although it’s completely outside my comfort zone – the setting I used were
Aperture  f/5.6      Shutter  1/160 sec   ISO  500
I went to Singleton for this shoot, Emma, the daughter of a close friend offered to be my model. I had this idea around showing strength and vulnerability using natural light.  Using shadows and light to enhance this feel.The available light was from an easterly facing window in this broken down abandoned shack in the hills out behind Singleton, beautiful country. It was quite late in the afternoon so the sun was on the opposite side of the building. Emma had a special diet to ‘pop’ her muscles and veins for the week prior to this shoot! I was fortunate to find such a willing model and she found the chick for me too! Anyway gave it a go and I was happy with the results using a shallow depth of field changed the ‘focus’ of the image. BTW as part of what Emma does she helps new Mums who are struggling a bit – so the image has a hidden extra special message as well!
0F4A9009-Edit-Edit6,518 sec (around 1hr 48mins) f8.0 ISO 200 at 16mm.
The lighting used was intermittent bursts from a large light over the course of the two hours – around 4x 3 second bursts directly on the barn itself.

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