May 2017 Open Competition

“China Girls”
ISO 250  45mm  f8.0  1/250
I love street photography and I couldn’t help smiling at these two (very modern) young Chinese ladies, sweeping past a row of ancient bhuddist temple shops in downtown Beijing. They obviously have no trouble “Keeping up with the K’s” – in spite of having access to neither  Facebook OR Google!
The pic is basically as shot but I tried to do a bit of a  ‘street grunge’ effect in Lightroom by easing off  on the vibrance and lightening the shadows a little. (Not that you need to add much ‘grunge’ to photos of Beijing!)

This photo was taken on manual at a beach nicknamed doggy beach for obvious reasons!

 ISO 100  f/9  65mm lens is 55-300mm  1/320

“Another one waiting to load”
Canon 70D with Canon 18-135mm lens
f/16, 1/250sec, ISO-100, f/length 35mm
I haven’t had much success taking silhouette shots so I was pretty happy with this one, especially as I didn’t really need to do anything in post-processing apart from straightening the horizon a little.
Enter The Sandman
Canon 70D, f/5, 1sec, ISO-100, 100mm
I went for a drive to Narrabri today and ended up at the telescopes.
The telescopes were spread very wide today – there were two way down on the left and 2 way up on the right and one right in front
This photo was taken on shutter priority – settings were f/13  1/100 sec   ISO 125
It was taken over a high fence looking to the closest one and trying to capture the 2 further away.  This is straight out of the camera with no post editing at all
“Warming up”
1/1600, F4.5.
MilkyWay over the Warrumbungles
This is a composition of photos taken while in Coonabarabran. The gorgeous Milky Way over the Warrumbungle mountains.
Flying High
I took this photo at Gunnedah Show this year. The boys loved the motorbike stunt men and I really liked how this photo came out. It was later in the afternoon (about 5pm) as the sun was starting to set.
f 5.3, ISO 4000, Shutter Speed 1/1250 and Zoom was 240mm.
Junior Entry “Autumn Gold”
It shows autumn from a child’s perspective – gold and a bit magical.
“Open” Seed Pod
1/100 F5.6 ISO 200
In the same theme as the monthly comp some more experimentation with the slow shutter, shooting in manual, with this one as well – no filter.
ISO200, 85mm, f22, 1.2sec
Manual, F/9, 1/25, ISO 250

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