Subject Competition April 2017 “SPEED”

“Shake it off”
Manual f5.6
ISO 200



F/8, 1/250, ISO 200

This photo was taken specifically for the monthly theme of speed. This photo is the result of lots of experimenting and plenty of coloured water splashed everywhere.



Extended Exposure used to capture the night sky


Flying High
I took this photo on a recent holiday. I spent most of the time we were out on the boat taking photos of birds (I don’t do fishing!!!!). This one was the best of lots of bird photos. I like the angle of the bird and the details of his wings.
Shot at 1/2000 f8 100mm


Junior Entry.

“Street light streamers”
ISO 100
15.0 secs


Apsley Falls Walcha
F-Stop f/14
Exposure 1/10 sec
ISO 100
Focal Length 70mm
Aperture 4.3
No Flash


Canon 70D with Canon 18-135mm lens
f/22, ISO 125, 30 seconds
One of my first attempts at long exposures & I’m pretty happy with result, given the shot was rushed due to the prevailing circumstances of my visit to the mine & it was time for us to leave.
This was taken using Aperture Priority mode & I selected a narrow aperture to try & capture ‘stars’ around the lights. I had the ISO set to Auto & using this mode, my camera automatically selected the shutter speed … in this case 30 seconds.
If I had a chance to re-take this shot I would probably choose Manual mode, use the same aperture, maybe increase the ISO to say 200 or 250, then select a slightly shorter shutter exposure, to avoid the ground vibration being transferred & exaggerated through my cheap tripod from the heavy trucks etc in the area at the time, which I think slightly threw off the focus just ever so slightly. I also think a shorter shutter speed would have maybe reduced some of the blown highlights in the centre of the image, where the lights were brightest.
I very rarely shoot in RAW & I this was, as I’ve heard that night & long exposures yield better results in post-processing. Problem is, I know nothing about editing RAWs. Hence I feel the colours in this image are a bit ‘flat’ & I have no clue how to fix that… so this it…warts & all with basically no editing apart from a little crop & straighten.


This photo was taken a couple of years ago at a local polo match
Settings were –  F/11    1/1000 sec    ISO 4000   on shutter priority  and the only editing done was to crop photo



Canon 70D, f/22, 3.2sec, ISO-100, 24mm, four pic composite. Using slow shutter speed to create blur and fade.


‘Street dancing’ – ISO 400 – SP 8000 – f2.8


1/1250 sec, F1.8 ISO 100 with a 50mm lens.
My aim was to capture the money still in the air using a quicker shutter speed. I generally like to work with long shutters so this month I went with something different.


This is one of the photos I took while I was down the street playing with speed setting.
This is a 20 sec exposure of the main street of Gunnedah.
1/800 seconds
ISO 100

Always a hard shot to get is the arrow moving and the string plus the bow cogs moving.  Maybe not that interesting photo unless you enjoy archery.

Taken with a Nikon

Shutter speed exposure 1/160

F 4.8

ISO 250

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