October 2016: Selfie


Not that clear, taken on my phone, just run out of time to look for ones taken with my camera.  Have lots of selfies with other people with me…. So once gets blown up will be very grainy…..


Mary Cadell

“Garden Selfie”

ISO 100 55mm f8 1/200


I felt fairly dorky doing this so I aimed to get as much other stuff as possible in the picture that would be attractive enough to draw the eye elsewhere!

Done with a 10 second timer and much running!



My very bad version of a “selfie” taken when I was trying to take flares. Was taken on my phone.



Mirror Mirror

I took this photo using a handheld mirror and my camera. I flipped the display around so I could see the reflection in the mirror. The hardest thing was getting my eyes to be looking at the mirror and not the camera. This one was the best. I made it black and white because I found the different greens from the background and the reflection too distracting.



Selfie – ISO400, 1/500 sec, F2.8



Me and George/George and I



Winning Entry was “Let me out !!!!!!” by Stuart Dolbel




“Life stories”

My interpretation of a ‘selfie’ … anything to avoid the face!!

They do say hands reveal as much about your life experiences & your age as your face. I think this image proves it. Two lives, two completely different stories & our ages are certainly revealed without the need for faces.

(I seized the moment on my phone’s front camera, so apologies for the grain, but I love it & it tugs at my heartstrings)


There is a funny story behind this selfie. My daughter has had a photo done here and has never let me know where it is. So for weeks Michael and I have been driving around looking for this location do do a selfie to send to my daughter as a joke. Well today we found it, so out came the tripod and the the timer got set and this is now getting ready for a text message to My daughter as a joke, to say you can not hide anything from your parents. Can’t wait to see her face……




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