October 2016 Open Competition


Archery Action.  Ken at Wagga archery.  Friends would have seen this on my facebook page.


ISO 400


Mary Cadell

“Windy Stands”

ISO 200 48mm f5 1/50 sec


The light on the end stand leads your eye in but also made judging overall exposure very difficult.   I bracketed the shots  and this one seemed to provide the best result.

Taken hand held standing on a rickety chair!


The Winning Entry Was “Lunchtime Guest” by Haylee Hausfeld

We were sitting at a picnic table in Port Macquarie when this guy came to visit. He was obviously used to people as he walked right over and I had to pick up my legs so he could walk under the table. He was amazing. I had my 70-300mm zoom on for this photo.


Dancer – ISO2200, 1/250 sec, F2.8


Bewitching Hour – Super moon taken on our way back from Windy Station

Canon 60D camera – f/8  1/3 sec   ISO400   Manual setting


“Incoming”: Lightning strike behind Nea silo. Canon 70D, 15 sec on bulb using DSLR controller app on Galaxy S5, f/5.6, 18mm. Only mistake was I left the ISO on 2000 from something I was doing earlier in the week. The storm was moving fast and pressure got the better of me. Lesson learnt, turn up earlier.




“If walls could talk” (Windy Station)

Canon EF-S 15-85mm lens on Canon 70D

f/4.0, ISO-125, 1/30sec (handheld)

Taken in colour but it didn’t tell the story I saw. Tried it in b/w & fiddled with that, but decided I liked this interpretation more.

Skills this image taught me:

  1. how to tweak the sepia preset in Lightroom to get totally different effects
  2. how to rectify ‘keystoning’ in Photoshop (wouldn’t have been necessary & I wouldn’t have lost some of the depth & width of the image if only I’d made sure the camera was perfectly horizontal before taking an architectural shot)
  3. look before you shoot, especially in the shadows!! Spent over an hour cloning out Kellee with her bright pink shirt, tripod & monster lens (it’s my secret where she was lurking)
  4. when your tripod’s over your shoulder.. use it you stupid, lazy woman





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