Staged Photo

“The Farmers’ Reverie”
ISO 200 18mm f/8 2 sec. As I do not yet have Photoshop I had to resort to a more ‘retrospective’ approach to this subject! I have tried to show the thoughts of unfinished business which fill the farmers’ head as he relaxes at the end of the day.
“Was it an Egg-cident?”
ISO 200 46mm f/11 1.6 sec

“My Own Prison”




“The Cannibal Pot”


“Shark Attack”


“Same, Same but Different”
I always get asked about the boys differences so I thought I would show this in my photo. I got them to stand in the same spot (as humanly possible for 4 year olds) and took the photos then put them together on Photoshop. Its not a perfect match but I’m pretty happy with the results…
Jake and Evan Fused
MaddyTaylor BCC-April MayComp-Subject Entry- Flutter
“Drawing Autumn”
Just a quick explanation. My staged photo is of my daughters hand. She has a great love for all types of art. She can sit and draw for hours. So my first photo is of her actually drawing a picture in a small notepad, while sitting in the lounge room watching TV. My second photo is of a bare leafed tree in a park (can’t remember where it was taken) my third photo is of leafs from the beautiful maple trees in cook park in Orange. The  fourth photo is of a leaf that my daughter looks like she is drawing. The fifth photo is of a white background photo which I tried to give the look of old parchment paper. By bring bits all these photos together I was able to create this surrealism photo which I actually find to be a fascination and beautiful piece of work. Extremely time consuming. But well worth the time and stress of learning all the techniques required.
008 May16 The Staged Shot
“Where is Debbie”
31_May16_Where is Debbie
“Hot Day in Australia”
31_May16_Hot Day in Australia

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