New Competition!


NEWS – The lovely ladies, Michelle and Tay, from Milah photography have agreed to be our judges this month! Please check out the website for these talented ladies at Milah Studio.

Here at the BCC we have decided to run a new little competition to let loose our3871610645_2f582ddbd9_o creative sparks! As we all know the Gunnedah Show is running in April and has a fantastic photo comp that I hope a lot of you are entering (entries close this Friday 8th April see submission guidelines here) so we thought we would take the opportunity to run a two-month competition with a subject that might require a little more ommph!


  “The Staged Shot”

Let yimg_1498-edit.jpg-nggid03472-ngg0dyn-670x0x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010our creativity loose – you have two months to complete this photo (Friday 27th of May for submissions please). Think fantasy, think gothic, think surreal, think about a story, think outside the box. Create something that wasn’t there before!fairytale-photography-women-animals-anita-anti-1__880

Feel free to go photoshop crazy on this one!


In fact think anything you like, portraits, landscape, rooms, pets, food, black and white just add your creative side to the mix and stage something.


So this next two month period please consider theStacked citrus fruit Food Photography “Staged Shot” to be the subject/theme of the normal competitions. We will still be running the open comp as per usual.

For those of you not at last months meeting the Committee has announced the addition of a new monthly award the “Most Improved”. Unlike tsamsofy-lego-spillhe open and subject competitions, this comp will be judged by the 7 members of the BCC committee. We really encourage all our new and existing members to submit into this comp! This comp is also only open to members who have not won an open or subject competition. 


Please note – these example photo’s have been borrowed from around the net and are for inspiration purposes only – please click on the images to be linked back to the original artist.



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