March Subject “Moment in Time”

“Dragonfly Rest Stop”

RudiB-Mar16-Dragonfly Rest stop

“Bubble Magic”
Taken with Canon 60D. I wanted to capture a moment of peace and joy and the backlit beauty was better than I could hope for.

NickyB-Mar16-Bubble Magic

“Milkshake Time”


“Burnout Fires”

Jeffery-Mar16-burnout fire

“Playing in the Dirt”

Donna-Mar16-Playing in the dirt

“Crunching Tackle”

007-March16-Crunching Tackle

“Was that a good one Granny?”
Didn’t have my DSLR with me, so had to resort to capturing this happy Daddy/son moment with my phone camera. Only my friends who know the circumstances, will understand just how truly special this ‘moment in time’ was. This image is a personal celebration of that moment.

013-MAR16-Was that a good one Granny.jpg







“Flying Arrow”
Photo taken with a Nikon D5200, exposure 1/500, f4.5 and ISO 1600.  Taken in the morning with not much light under the trees.

31_March 16_Flying Arrow

“Frozen Drops”
This was a photo I took out at Lake Keepit. Jake was playing in the water park out there and I got this shot. I love that the water drops are frozen and you can see all the different shapes.

002-Mar16-Frozen Drops

“Grandma and Pop”

041-March16-A moment in time-Grandma&Pop

“Dew Drop”

BBC 008 Dew Drop Moment in time 2016

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