January Open

“Sunset Drinks”
ISO 1600 F3 Nikon 5200 Taken at Lightening Ridge

Sunset Drinks

“Sunset Cameron Corner”
This photo was taken at Cameron Corner.  After setting up camp I’d been waiting and photographing the pending sunset.  As I turned from speaking to my son, I discovered the sun rays coming through the window of the vehicle and of course had to take a photo of it and try to capture the beauty of the moment. It was taken with Canon 400D – shutter priority, f/20, 1/15 sec, ISO 100

sunset-cameron corner
“Fence sitter” (my backyard at Gunnedah)
I raced inside to grab my camera & snap this pest because to the naked eye, I thought I’d spotted a mutant-albino on my side fence. However, post editing found a little colour. Taken with Canon EOS-70D with Canon EF-L 24-15mm IS-USM lens. Settings were: Aperture Priority, f/4, 1/400, ISO-100, f/length 82mm
(Heavily cropped)
013-OCT15-Fence sitter.jpg
“Sunset over Wuruma”
Shirleytaylor-Jan16-Sunset over Wuruma
Fireflys Anthony Cholson (1 of 1)
canon 7d mark II, f22, ISO100, 1/20 second

“Battered Beauty”

Battered Beauty-NickyB-Jan16

“Natures Crystal Ball”
I wanted to capture the beauty inside this Jelly Fish, there seems to be a whole other universe inside this tiny little objects. The sun was setting from behind casting a shine through the ball and detailing the inside. Such a beautiful mysterious piece of nature.


“Sunset Byron Bay”

 “Bokeh Spider”
Bokeh Spider Tess Cholson (1 of 1)



 “Thundering Hoove”

thunderofhooves-december-subject-Kate Oram

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