Introducing the Committee

At the meeting this Tuesday 24th of November we voted in the very first Blackjack Camera Club committee! I would like to use this little post to introduce you to the members!


President – Nicolette Bronkhorst  

As we all know Nicolette is the brains and driving force behind Blackjack, without her none of this would be possible! So we all thought the title of El Presidente was a perfect fit! Thanks, Nicky!


Vice President – Hayley HausfeldIMG_9099

The position of Vice President was a bit too cushy for our Hayley so we have also given her the title of Public Liason Officer. As an Ambulance Officer we think Hayley has a wealth of skills and experience interacting with people (we are also pretty chuffed we have our own ambo on club excursions!). Thanks, Hayley!

Secretary – Pat TimminsIMG_9108

We are all very relieved to have Pat join the committee as her years of serving in similar situations has provided her with a wealth of knowledge and experience that we hope she will pass on to us! Thanks, Pat!


Treasurer – Stuart Dolbel75018_10151959188307857_480816605_n

Stu was nominated by his lovely wife Jodi and we are so happy that she did! His financial savvy will keep the club coffers brimming with gold (we can dream Stu!). We are very grateful that he is willing to donate his time and knowledge to keep to club afloat (see what I did there!). Thanks, Stu!

Committee Member (I.T) – Tess CholsonTess (1 of 1)

Tess keeps us up to date with all our website and facebook interactions. She is also our monthly competition organiser and she is pretty honoured she gets to see all the awesome entries before the judges! We are very happy to have her technological know-how at the club’s disposal! Thanks, Tess!


Committee Member – Margaret CarrIMG_9102

Marg’s steady and calming influence will be a bonus to the Blackjack committee. We all secretly know she is a Brain’s Trust, tweaking and correcting our plans effortlessly! Marg is always ready to support the club with her time and knowledge! Thanks, Marg!

Committee Member – Kellee Clark12312135_10208092512180170_1472991526_n (1)

We are all very happy that talented photographer Kellee has decided to donate her time and join our ranks! Kellee never misses an excursion or opportunity to get together with the club and we think her enthusiasm and dedication is just what we need when it comes to club decision making! Thanks, Kellee!

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