March 2021: Open

4. About to get wet again in Amsterdam
Canon Rp with Canon RF 24-105mm lens
f/11, 1/160sec, ISO-125
Loved their clever off-street bike parking solution, but not so much the many drenchings we received (hand-held on a canal boat getting ready to stow the camera in a plastic bag yet again)
5. The Blue Room
Camera Settings: 24-120mm lens; 1/90sec; f4; 1600ISO
Whilst in Abu Dhabi we decided to do the Desert Bash. What an exhilerating experience and frightening at times when coming down the sand dune sideways
Photo taken with phone 
Canon 70D
f/2.8 1/320sec ISO-125
8. Super Trooper
f/8 4 sec ISO 100
9. ‘Pottering’
1/125sec  f 3.2  100mm  ISO 1250
10. Sunflowers at Sunset
1/4000 f1.8, ISO250

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