January 2020: Forgotten Objects

F/4 1/1000 ISO 160





The Shed

“Forgot the saddle”
So much quirky old seemingly forgotten stuff & rust at our lunch stop in Walcha recently. This treasure hanging half-hidden on a fence really made me wonder if someone forgot where they put the saddle the stirrups came from?
(Samsung S8)

Photo was taken at Walcha Royal Cafe. In their back yard area they had a treasure trove of all things old and forgotten

Was taken on my phone


This is a photo of the end part of an older style manual piece of equipment used to remove the star picket posts in a farmers fence.

These are still used by some farmers but my husband has replaced his with a motorized post driver, hence the name “Fencing Days”.

So now it lays abandoned on a  rack in the weather with other random pieces of steel and the spiders can spin their webs as they please.

The photo was taken at sunset back in March, 2019.

Settings are: 1/100 F5 ISO 200 56mm

D500 with lens 16-80

Wrong Turn

‘One time I used to ride’
ISO 200  16mm  f11  1/160 sec




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