June 2018: Abstract


This is a photo I took of Stu a while ago standing in front of a black screen.
Using a projector we cast an image over the top of him to create a certain look.
To create a more abstract effect, I have layered my grunge sunflower photo over the top to give the effect of a butterfly rising from a flower.





I Need A Break










I don’t do theme topic ABSTRACT very well at all. This is the closest I come to it and hope it fits the topic.




Theme_June18_Sharon Rankmore

This digital art piece was composed using my own original images, and techniques from Photoshop and the icolorama app including layers, blending, filters, and textures.
I often create many images from the same original images and intuitively select the one that works for me.





Vivid Psych

Camera : Nikon D600  F/29, 10 secs, ISO 1250, +1.33
A gradual zoom out. Over exposed by 1 point to make the colour in the lights pop.






Weird nature
Junior member

Not sure of settings.
An abstract look at something we can see everyday.







Settings unknown.
This image came out a little spooky but was originally a highrise on a sunny day. I have mirrored the building and solarised it to give the clouds a dramatic impact.






The little things

F/3.2  ISO 160  1/640



















Deb_June18_Wave of Colour_031

Waves of Colour

The old coloured pencil always is good for a variety of colours in a photo.

50mm lens, F4   ISO640  Shutter 1/60  Nikon 5200D






Playing with water, oil and paints to create this.

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