August: Perspective Competition


Canon 70D, f6.3, 1/500, ISO-500, 63mm

Nature’s Light
‘I love my morning walking track at the back of Curlewis and when I am early I can enjoy the sunrise over the glorious Liverpool Plains. Lets capture that with a bit of a different perspective? A vase in hand, Dear Husband (DH) in tow with tripod, trekking in the dark, we got to the spot just in time to set up. Sunrise doesnt wait for YOU to be ready, it has a job to do!
I am a learner so may not have got the right camera settings, esp when I only have one lens to choose from. I need to work on exposure and read histograms. I thought I had fingerprints in the stem of the vase but as DH pointed out they are the trees reflected in the glass. I like the bit of barbed wire in the shot.
Settings: ISO 100 ( I think I had that on auto); exposure 1/160 sec, f/8 , with a Nikon D750

Oaked Chardonnay
Surprise to me but I have roots growing in my Chardonnay, the bottle did say it was OAKED, but I didn’t realise it would have this much Oak in it!!!

Nikon D5200
ISO 100
Shutter 1/250

This photo was taken a few years ago on the south island of New Zealand with a Panasonic Lumix camera

It was taken on auto but settings shown were f3.3 – 1/500 sec – ISO 200

This photo is a down low perspective of the seaweed on the beach0F4A1336-Edit.jpg“Eighteen”

Canon 5d Mk IV 1/100 f2.0 ISO250

“Looking up & through”
f/6.3, 1/40sec, ISO-1000
Canon 70D with Canon 18-135mm lens
Taken sitting on the floor as far back as I could get, with camera wedged between my knees trying to counter the slow hand-held shutter speed. Wish I’d had the wide angle lens with me.
I think the perspective warp due to my camera angle, actually helps accentuate the height/up-view & also frames the through-view giving it greater depth through to the street. I played with adjusting the warp in Photoshop to compare, but much preferred it as-shot.
Huge variation in lighting in the arcade played havoc with the histogram, but there’s little time to fiddle when you’re part of a tour group.
Taken in the iconic arcade ‘The Block’ in Collins St Melbourne. Celebrating its 125th year, it showcases stunning 19th Century heritage architecture (March 2017)



Junior Entry

Title: I can see you

1/50 sec; f/5.6; ISO 250


Title: Cloudbreather

1/320 sec; f20; iso200


Emerald hill. Mushroom silo
Taken with Don. The drone. Taken at approx 50 meters high. 5 minutes after this was taken a huge coal train came through. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough battery left to capture it.




Looking Out.

This was taken at the Coolah Tops.
It was later in the day as the sun was starting to set and casting that lovely glow across the hills.
Junior Entry
ISO 100

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