February Open Comp

Horse hair in barb wire fence, Bando Station, Mullaley. Canon EOS70D f/5 1/400  sec ISO-100 63mm




“Sunrise Reflections”
This is taken at Byron Beach at Sunrise.


“just simply flower of perfection”
Nikon D3300

cherie-feb16-flower of perfection

1/640 sec f4.5 33mm


“Here I Come”
My parent’s Jack Russell in full flightCanon 550Df2.8ISO 100Shutter Speed 1/1000 second

007-FEB16-Here I Come

“Broken Winds”

Dee - FEB_Open_Broken Winds_

Photo taken at Fingal Bay on Nikon 5200, Manual, ISO 100, f4.8 with no tripod. Hoping photo reflects the busy summer beaches with the safety of our Lifeguards.


“Peruvian Arches”
This photo was taken in Peru during my holiday to South America. I love the contrast of the colour and the arches and the lines.

002-Feb 16-Peruvian Arches

“Bondi Pool”


Coffs Botanical Gardens – this caught my eye between the pavers


Love green and I found this fern shoot interesting



Katrina Davis _Feb 2016_Open_Bug 2016 DSC_1955

“Red Belly Black”
I thought if he was going to get that close he might as well smile!

Anthony- Red Belly Black - Open

“Look Up”

Tess - Feb16 - Look Up - Open


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