October Open

A very BIG thank you to Pete Longworth for his amazing job as this months judge – we really appreciate you taking the time to give us some feedback Pete! Every little bit helps!

You can check out some of Pete’s amazing talent here!

“Maheno” by Shirley Taylor

Shirley Taylor

“Eleanor” by Alison West
This is a ‘moment in time’ shot of one of my very favourite little people. I managed to snap a quick candid shot utilising the natural light just before feed time and I think it captures a sweet, natural moment for this little family. Shot on Canon 60D, f/5, 1/60sec., ISO1600


“Need for speed” by Nick Clark
Before joining the camera club, the only photography I was really into was sport which included taking photos of car racing and waterskiing. I was pretty excited about going to Bathurst this year with a much better lens. I used a slower shutter speed and a panning technique here to emphasise motion by blurring the background and the wheels. Canon 550d, IS0 100, f5.6, 1/400th
Comments from Pete – “Beautiful execution. The blur and the pin-point sharpness is faultless. Great job.”


“Blue Eyes” by Jodi Dolbel

JodiDolbel_October_BlueEyes_Open (1)


“‘Through the Horses Eye” by Kate Oram
ISO 500-f6.0 – 1/125
Comments from Pete – “Gorgeous all round. More contrast and a slightly reduced exposure would really enhance things.”


“Lightning Over Gunnedah” by Paul Williams Highly Commended
The image was taken on 28 November 2012 at about 11:24 pm in my backyard. The camera used was a Canon EOS 60D with a tripod and cable release, and the lens used was a Tamron 18-270mm. The settings were f/4.5, exposure 30 seconds, ISO 100, focal length 25mm.
Comments from Pete – “This is an absolute cracker. I LOVE everything about this. Brilliant. The broken lightning and the palm tree is just fabulous. With the sharpness of the tree I’m left to think this was a quick exposure, which makes me even more impressed!”

005-OCT15-Lightning Over Gunnedah

“Rocket Fuel” by Nicolette Bronkhorst Highly Commended
Comments from Pete – “Pure creativity, playtime and fun. Just love this image. Curious as to how much of the wine was drunk during the shoot : )”

NickyB-Oct15-Rocket Fuel

“Raspberries” by Kellee Clark
Comments from Pete – “Gorgeous image. Beautifully shot. The colour on B&W works really well [and I usually don’t like this technique at all].”


“Sunrise” by Jeffery Morley

“Grevillia Flower” by Ann Thomas

Gravillea Oct Open AT

“Crocodile Eyes” by Hayley Hausfeld
This is Evan and his new hat. I love the way his eyes are focused on the camera and they line directly up with the teeth marks in the hat. So intense but innocent at the same time.

002-Oct-15-Crocodile Eyes

“Weathered” by Rudi Bronkhorst WINNER
Comments from Pete – “Love the simplicity and unique perspective. The muted B&W tones and the background do a wonderful job of complimenting the subject matter. The title also does a wonderful job of bringing life and attention to the real observation of the image. The shallow depth of field keeps it interesting… I think a slightly larger depth of field would have brought even more interest [just to include the fingertips to the ring]”


“Toby” by Maddy Taylor


“Mullaley Bullride ” by Dee Woodward

IMG_1036 october OPEN BCC DeeWoodward

“Keepit Dam” by Marg Carr
An old piece of equipment on display in the grounds of the Keepit Dam Sport & Recreation Centre. I have no idea as to its actual purpose, but any old machinery from bygone days fascinates me. I love the texture & colour combinations of metal & wood, especially when it’s weathered & rusty & spiders call it home. Took this shot in colour, but when uploaded, I felt it’s sense of ‘history’ was lacking, so I used Photoshop to convert it to black & white. I wasn’t happy with that either, so using trial & error & very limited editing skills, I fiddled until I achieved this sepia-type glow, which in my opinion adds provenance & better tells its story… whatever that may be. Taken with Canon EOS-70D with Canon EF-L 24-105mm IS-USM lens. Settings were: Aperture Priority Mode, f/11, 1/100, ISO-400

013-OCT15-Keepit Dam relic.jpg

“Spring Time” by Pat Timmons
New life on rose bush. Taken on Canon 60 d – settings f/6.3, 1/200 sec, ISO 400 on shutter priority.

“Looking Glass” by Debbie Thompson Highly Commended
Taken with my Nikon D5200. F 5.6, ISO 100, lens 18-55mm taken at 55mm Focal length.
Comments from Pete – “Wonderful perspective. Would love to see this idea pushed even further. So send them back to the winery with strict instructions to drink some more and get even more creative : )”

031-Oct15-Looking Glass

“Cockatoo & Sunset” by Stuart Dolbel
Canon EOS 70D. f/8 1/400 sec ISO – 640 70mm. Jodi and I were packing up a wedding at Gunnible, north of Gunnedah while watching the storms in the west. As the sun began to set the sky lit up the garden so Jodi grabbed her camera and started taking garden shots. As it got darker Jodi handed the camera to me and said “here you go, get some sunset pics”. As I was taking a few shots a cockatoo glided into frame perfectly and this is the result.


“Rain and Wind” by Prisca Allen
Comments from Pete – “Classic scene beautifully executed. The selected depth of field is simply stunning! I also really enjoy the cool tones.”


“Eensy Weensy Spider” by Kelly Cains
Comments from Pete – “So cute. Great moment in the Art of Seeing.”

KellyCains-Oct15-Eensy Weensy Spider

“Roses are Purple” by Tess Cholson  Highly Commended
Comments from Pete – “The colour, light and technique is simply stunning. Congratulations. Would love to see this hanging on a wall. The light, subject and composition all work extremely well.”

roses (1 of 1)

 “Gate of Tranquility” By Anthony Cholson
Comments from Pete – “A polished image. Well done. Love the warm tones, composition and strong use of light. Congratulations.”
Gate of Tranquility (1 of 1)

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