September Subject

This month it was all about people in Gunnedah!
“I’m Watching You”
This man was so busy getting his photo taken – he was unaware of the way the Koala was looking at him. It was like he was telling him “I’m watching you – don’t you eat those leaves – They’re mine” Photo was taken at Waterways Wildlife Park in Gunnedah. Camera – Canon 60 D – f/2.8  ISO  160  1/60 sec
Taken at Gunnedah South Primary School using Canon EOS-70D with Canon EF-L 24-105mm IS-USM lens. Aperture priority mode, f/5.6, 1/800sec, ISO-500, f/length 28mm. I’m not at all comfortable with approaching random people I don’t know (especially while they’re working) & asking if I can take their photo. Plan B .. ask a friend. Necessary permissions were sought & granted from her boss & restrictions re “preferably no children in the photo but if so, they must NOT be recognisable” duly noted. I didn’t find it easy. It took visiting her on duty on 3 consecutive mornings trying 2 different lenses. I struggled with harsh early morning sun on two days, dull skies on the third, hat shading her face, glasses that react to light & her ‘Stop’ paddle much taller than she is. Thanks to my frustrated efforts in trying to get a shot I was reasonably happy with, Pat now holds the title of “Most photographed lollipop lady in Australia”.  Little wonder that on the 4th day, the kids asked her “where is the camera lady???”
Thanks Pat….what an important job you do & the kids love you!!
013-SEP15-Keeping our kiddies safe.jpg
“As Time Goes By”
“All Wrapped Up”
“Let’s Get Arty”
31-Sept15-Lets get Arty!
Sept Comp People at.jpg
“Born to Run”
“Bill Shoe”
The image was taken on 13 June 2013 at about 1:42 pm at Bill’s shop. The camera used was a Canon EOS 60D with a tripod and cable release, and the lens used was a Tamron 18-270mm lens. The settings were f/4, exposure 1/60 sec, ISO 400, and focal length 27mm.
005-SEP15-Bill Shoe Saddlery and Repairs_edited-2
112-Sept 15-Fonda
“Soccer Joy”
Father Day we went for a picnic in the park, this is my son enjoying a game of soccer with his brother. I love the joy on his face and that simple pleasure of kicking a ball around.
002-Sept15-Soccer Joy
“Farmyard Fun”
RudiB-Sept15-Farmyard Fun
“Photography Workshop Fun”
NickyB-Sept15-People Photography Workshop fun

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