August Open Comp

“Lone Leaf” Paul Williams
Taken on 1 August 2015, about 3:14 pm in Tamworth on Peel Street with a Canon EOS 60D. A tripod was used with a cable release. The lens used was a Tamron 16-300mm with a lens hood. The photograph was shot at f/5, exposure 1/400 sec, ISO 100, and focal length 60mm.
005-AUG15-Lonely Leaf
“Get Outa My Face” Margaret Carr
Lotus is probably the most cantankerous cat ever!! She only tolerates her owner.
Puss was not happy to have her night-sleep on the bed disturbed… even had a low growl happening. It was a case of dial to Auto, get as close as I dared whilst dodging the paw-swipes, grab a shot & retreat fast!I think those eyes say it all.
MargCarr-JUL31-Get outa my face
“Power” Hayley Hausfeld
Took this photo at the rodeo on Wednesday night. I had a lot of trouble finding the right settings. This is really the only one that I was happy with. I think it shows the power of the might of the bulls and the effort it takes to ride them. Zoom 210mm, Speed 1/200, App f5.3.
“Baby Aiden at 7 months” Jodi Dolbel
“Intriguing” Nick Clark
This was my first attempt at playing with some studio lighting and off camera flash. The light was placed to the side in a parallel position to the subject so the light showed the profile of the face. Canon 550d, 50mm, f11, 1/125 ISO 11.
“Milky Way” Prisca Allen
12 (1 of 1)
“Sheeba Dam at Nundle” Stuart Dolbel
“Sunset Cowgirl” Kate Oram WINNER!!


“Rodeo” Tess Cholson31 (1 of 1)


“Danlo Boys at Work” Dee WoodwardAugust OPEN Danlo boys at work


“Stalking” Anthony Cholson
Stalking (1 of 1)

“Bow to Your Partner and do si so” Pat Timmins

“Flower Power” Kellee Clark
Just amazing the beauty you can find in your backyard. Such a simple white flower. Yet so beautiful when you take a closer look.
flower (1)

“Waterfall” Shirley Taylor

“Wean Sunset” Nicolette Bronkhorst
NickyB-Aug15-Wean Sunset

“Milbulla Mill”  Rudi Bronkhorst
RudiB-Aug15-Milbulla Mill




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