Mullibah Lagoon

IMG_3775Since seeing the Mullibah Lagoon earlier in the week, I have wanted to go and explore it and after our beautiful meeting on Wednesday, I loved knowing there was a crowd of fellow enthusiasts to join me in little impromptu meetings!

IMG_3853There was a bit of concern about the weather, but the sun came out for a beautiful sunset and we had a great time all round. Pat & Marg joined Alexis and me and Rudi also joined us after he finished work.

IMG_3752We all had a bit of a play and discussed how to get a better depth of colour by playing with exposure compensation and also had a good discussion around lenses and what we found worked better.

I urge everyone to use the FB Page to organise a get-together like this! It was great fun to just walk around using our cameras and learn something new at the same time. The Facebook feedback, banter and interaction was also great fun and I feel the positive feedback gave us all a boost.

IMG_3840I can’t wait for our next get-together, if you’d like to meet somewhere, feel free to post it on our page!

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